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My departing OpenLetter post on FuckFace.. THIS is my NEW platform going forward. Please like, if warranted, and Follow.. I promise a real ‘roller ccoaster’ ride’ that will inform and educate as I slowly get up to speed on ‘fine-tuning’ my learning curve on this new platform. If you have tips or suggestions in programming and advanced capability on this HTML5/WordPress environment, I’m listening. Thanks for your support and Welcome:



Having enjoyed a 35yr career as a professional Computer/Network Engineer I would have been willing to play some small role in monitoring and assisting in blocking the attacks that will now test your ability to aggressively confront and thwart the massive assault in cyberwar you have ever faced.

But instead because you don’t care for my ‘personal free-speech’ rights you chose to aggressively Troll and attack me on FB?

Well now “go fuck yourself” and good luck fighting RUSSIA while your Real DUMBASS DOOFUS.. THE TREACHEROUS, TREASONOUS TRAITOR COMMANDER IN CHIEF handcuffs you because his ‘punk ass” is a GRU ASSET.

GoodLuck with THAT ONE ASSHOLE!! LOLROTF.. 😜😵🤣👍

Here is just one small example of what you’re up against fuckin’ D bags:

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