Donald Trump’s Worst Day In Office? Cohen Takes A Deal Implicating Trump | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

I decided I’m going to make MY MILLIONS from ONE specific customer – DUMBASS DOOFUS – by selling a LIFETIME SUPPLY of Preparation H to him – AT DISCOUNT, as a result of ‘Lootin Putins’ packing peanut butter continuously on DUMBASS DOOFUS, before he can’t even SIT DOWN — butt when he stands up and turns around the ”grease stain on the back of his pants” may show, whoops.. LOLROTF!

Published on Aug 21, 2018

On the same day that fmr. Trump campaign boss Paul Manafort is found guilty on multiple charges, Trump’s fmr. lawyer & fixer, Michael Cohen, takes a deal. Full analysis from Nicolle Wallace, Michael Schmidt, Emily Jane Fox, Daniel Goldman, & Chuck Rosenberg.

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