Watch Trump Go From “I’ve Met Him” to “I Never Met Putin” | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

DUMBASS DOOFUS.. THE TREACHEROUS, TREASONOUS TRAITOR – Knows ‘Lootin Putin’, spent time talking to ‘Lootin Putin’, is friends with ‘Lootin Putin’ — until ONE DAY RECENTLY – he NEVER MET ‘Lootin Putin’, has NEVER spoken to ‘Lootin Putin’, then suddenly doesn’t want to say he knew ‘Lootin Putin’ he didn’t want to disturb mister ‘Lootin Putin’??  DO YOU KNOW ‘Lootin Putin’ OR NOT BITCH!?

Published on Mar 3, 2018

NPR reports on a Putin-connected Russian using the NRA to meet Trump in 2015 as Mueller eyes whether Trump knew Putin before he was elected.

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