NİCOLLE WALLACE 8/31/2018 Robert Mueller’s secret files / Trump bank records, which are more

I am so sick and fuckin’ tired of the SHILLS and HACKS that MSNBC, CNN, NBC News and all the other bullshit MSM OUTLETS – like this one – get INSIDE EDIT ACCESS TO COPYRIGHTED and PROPIETARY CONTENT to remix, recompile and reproduce on their own then RE-PUBLISH AS ‘ORIGINAL’ MSM content. They are free to edit for time, subject, continuity and – most egregious of all – commercial content cleansing! In other words PURE PROPAGANDA USE AND DISTRIBUTION!  FUCK THIS!

Watch carefully the EDITING of this composite piece.. different dates, different show hosts from different days and most of all DILLUTED MESSAGES ACROSS THE WHOLE!


Published on Sep 1, 2018

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