Purple dawn & Saturn cosmology Episode 4 Part 1

Betcha didn’t know..

Published on Oct 9, 2017

Join our Purple Dawn of creation google + now.pagehttps://plus.google.com/u/0/communiti… This is basically where my journey has taken me since I was able to get underneath the surface of modern cosmogony which is to do with our little neck of the woods and it’s origins. So, I am using a creative commons license to point out to help myself wrap my own head around this very interesting and unique perspective on the origins of the solar system. After one hears of 10 dimensions, black-holes, string theory, the Higgs Boson and all of that complete conjecture where they make everything as hard to comprehend as possible, it is quite refreshing plus makes a lot more sense. My aim here is true, perhaps the references can help you on your journey. Wal Thornhill puts it best when he says ” Science is still in it’s childhood, and we behave as infants, we give scientists way too much credit, for knowing what they’re talking about. How can a person call one’s self a cosmologist when they ignore natures greatest force? It is ridiculous I am just pointing it out, if these Herbig-Haro objects are happening everywhere in the Cosmos as they are finding then this would be a much better explanation of how planets are born or one way. Brown Dwarf and sub-Brown Dwarves otherwise known as hot Jupiter;s can they flare one or several rocky core planets? depending on their size, this could be how the Earth was born. But, I don’t know enough about the process at this time to say but is it possible there is some kind of biology in space? Perhaps in a sense, the Earth’s real sister planet could be Titan and how they turned out is pretty much where they ended up. Could Titan be Earth-like if Saturn went back into glow mode? Became an anode once again.At one point these great bodies interacted with one another during man’s tenure on the Earth. “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” ― Carl Sagan The Purple Dawn of creation & Saturn cosmology Contents Chapter 1 Saturn Cosmology 0:00 Wal Thornhill- Proto-Saturnian configuration 7: 05 b brief mainstream video on Brown dwarf temp. 20:22 Chapter 2 The Cradle of Life 20:55 A. Axial tilt 27:30 Chapter 3 A. Jupiter- Sun system invaded 39:37 Chapter 4 Thunderbolts 51:02

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