Democratic Aide Arrested Advocating For Voting Rights In Texas | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

It’s happening in Texas in more than one County, it’s happening in Georgia in more than one County and in other states too – tens of thousands of Voters are being denied their voting rights by ” ‘trumped-up’ Republican Voter Registration Administrator and County Administrator” false charges against  ‘registered voters’ – pun intended.  ARE YOU FUCKIN’ KIDDING ME? WTF! WTF? 

Like we used to say in Brooklyn, “Eh – ya bustin’ my fuckin’ bawls ova hair Pauli”! What da fuck..?


Published on Oct 11, 2018

Rachel Maddow reviews the history of voting rights battles at Prairie View A&M University in Waller County, Texas, and talks with Mike Siegel, Texas Democratic congressional candidate, and Jacob Aronowitz, Siegel’s campaign field director, about Aronowitz’s arrest after delivering a letter of support for voting rights at the school on Siegel’s behalf.


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