Dismantle Capitalism to Save a Planet That is Not Warming (726)

They’re about to try to tax your BREATHING.. Yeah, these  fuckin’ assholes have lost their fuckin’ minds! Then they’re talking seriously in Congress about a GLOBAL WARMING EMERGENCY TAX of a $240/Gal GASOLINE TAX!

And the worst part about the whole thing is GLOBAL WARMING is a HOAX, it’s a PHONY PREMISE to RAISE YOUR FUEL TAXES and RESTRICT YOUR TRAVEL and FREEDOM! Beware the GSM (GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM!!

Published on Oct 14, 2018

New IPCC report suggests dismantling capitalism and instituting a $240 gasoline and $45,000 per ton carbon tax to save the planet, but we must act quickly as we have little time to save the planet. I remember these same agencies told us the same in the 1990’s.

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