FUKUSHIMA Fake News Australia 9news.com.au Monster Tom Steinfort Inside REACTOR 3

I am a Fukushima Survivor. I woke up every day for almost a year with a metallic taste in my mouth like I was sucking on a penny, everyday 24/7.  That year I realized that I was toxic from the nuclear fallout from the Nuclear Plume that contaminated – and continues to contaminate every day – the West Coast United States constantly since March 14, 2011. And will do so for the next 30 centuries at least. Finally I left the region after coming down with many symptoms of many diseases I never had before. So far I’m surviving – but with many serious challenges.

Streamed live 11 hours ago


If you are from Australia then you need to watch this video !! Pt 2 tomorrow night will pick up where the video frigged up. , we never seen the stream do that in all the years of streaming .

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