It is a non sequitur to conclude from dissociability that the functional properties determining phenomenal volition never make a causal contribution. Eventually all you insipid Cretans will ‘stop banging your head – hard – against the steel plating when you realize – finally – that it feels good when you stop’.

LOOK – it has never, does not now, and will never do any good to try to influence DumbAss Doofus in any way, shape or form with words! You have something called a Congress that is constitutionally bound to put a hard check on DumbAss Doofus. In one week, post midterms, you will have a far better chance of influencing DumbAss Doofus via your Congress than by ever engaging him in commentary or conversation.

The presstitutes need to stop misleading you and confusing you with all of their bullshit rhetoric, erroneous analytics and useless, counterproductive foreground noise that aims to somehow change DumbAss Doofus behavior but only ultimately serves to confuse an obfuscate the obvious. As long as you think you have a king who’s in charge and you have nothing to say about it you will always be subjects who have nothing to say about anything. All you can ever do is bıtch and moan and pay to play.. LOLROTF! YOU POOR LITTLE HELPLESS SHEEPLE  😕

But hey, you don’t really care anyway do you – SO STOP YER FUCKIN’ BITCHIN’. 😜😝😆

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