In the new Brasil do Bolsonaro, the media empire of billionaire Edir Macedo is used to investigate and intimidate journalists – including The Intercept

We, here in the US are just learning what politics is like around the rest of the world because we have been in a bubble – an artificial bubble – protected from the world full recently with Fascist governments and insane autocrats because we were cradled in our cool calm, now departed democracy here at home..

Ah, But those days are long gone now. In particular – Brasil is the latest example of a young democratic government – hijacked by the fascists right wing Autocrats that insidiously infest our politics like Pond Scum throughout our entire planet today!. What is happening in Brazil today is a sad sad story of how – just like WE IN AMERICA did, when the people get so worn down that they elect an autocrat out of desperation that – in the end – will do nothing but ruin their lives, bring further misery and injury to them, their democracy, their kids and their future!.



October 20, 2018, 11:40 a.m

THE LIKELY RISE to power of right-wing extremist Jair Bolsonaro is already creating a climate in which journalists who criticize him or his movement – including journalists reporting to Intercept – are being exposed to an aggressive campaign of personal investigations, attempts of intimidation and pernicious scrutiny of members of our families.

These attacks are being orchestrated by the media owned by the billionaire evangelical pastor and drowned in scandals , Edir Macedo, who is now an explicit defender of Bolsonaro. Macedo’s vast media empire – which includes the country’s second largest TV station (Record), online portals (R7) and other news agencies – is being used to punish and retaliate journalists for the crime of criticizing Jair Bolsonaro, his movement and the companies of Macedo.




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