Egypt: Police for Potato Shortage – GLOBAL WHEAT CRISIS – Speculators Aggravating Food Scarcity

GSM – Grand Solar Minimum! Every 206 years to approximately every 412 years the Sun goes through a cycle it loses power it goes dim it’s unavoidable. This has happened throughout history for the past five hundred thousand years regularly. So there is no denial it’s going to happen and it’s beginning right now a low point in one of those 412 year Cycles. ARE YOU PREPARED?  — See below for specific historical symptomatology..

Food Shortages

A decline in food production for many reasons, including the following.

See also the IAF GSM Crop Loss Map, tracking crop losses related to the new minimum.

Crop Losses

Feed/Grain Shortages for Livestock

  • Lack of feed for livestock (#gsmFood)
  • Parasites (i.e. fusarium nivale), which thrived under snow cover, devastated crops. (#gsmFood)
  • Grain storage in cool damp conditions produced fungus (Ergot Blight). Contaminated grains when consumed caused an illness (St. Anthony’s Fire) producing convulsions, hallucinations, gangrenous rotting of extremities. (#gsmWet)

These lead to major and minor famines.


  • Glacier advance swallowed up entire alpine villages. (#gsmGlacier)
  • Ruptured glacial ice dams produced deadly floods. (#gsmFlood)


  • Drastic increase in seismic activity (earthquakes) (#gsmEQ, and
  • Dramatic increase in volcanic activity #gsmVolcano)



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