What can Khashoggi tape reveal about his murder? | Inside story

Al Jazeera has its own inherent bias in terms of news in the Middle East. But that bias is easily known and can be overlooked relative to the larger depiction of news in the Middle East. This is their latest on the Khashoggi “Death Hit” Listen and learn.. 

— See my post under history of wahhabism we’re more information on the culture of Saudi Arabia.–

Premiered 18 hours ago

Saudi Arabia has given numerous versions of what happened to Jamal Khashoggi at its consulate in Istanbul, but has always maintained Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman knew nothing about his death. And it has insisted the killing wasn’t premeditated.

But now the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet has leaked an audio recording that contradicts the latest Saudi narrative. It suggests a hit squad discussed Khashoggi’s murder prior to him entering the consulate on October 2nd.

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