‘Oumoamoua Is Not Alien

Oamuamua – our FIRST EVER interstellar object to orbit through our Solar System, coming in at huge extra solar velocities then ‘speeding up’ on the way out!? My guess is it’s a ‘random trajectory ‘ probe with ‘No Guidance ‘ system inherent. Like a boomerang -style Probe a with return trajectory. Sort of like AI drones we have today.

They are neglecting to do so _ for whatever reason – but what they should have done was study this thing with every satellite and probe we have existing in the solar system until they can’t see it anymore including the Voyagers! NASA/ESOđŸ’© – FUCK THEM, obviously we didn’t give them enough money for THAT!! đŸ‘€đŸ˜œ

Published on Nov 21, 2018

To learn to think like a scientist check out http://Brilliant.org/SpaceTime To repeat the space time maxim: it’s never aliens … until it is. So let’s talk about ‘oumuamua.

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