Ward: Trump is saying US doesn’t care about Khashoggi murder

DumbAss Doofus💩 strikes again, and again, again, and again, again, and again, again, and again. And YOU ALL let it go on, and on and on and on and on and on and on. I have one question for you all? Are you all ignorant or is it that you just don’t fuckin’ care? It’s  got to be one or the other – you make up your mind which one you want to take on as a label and REMAIN part of the PROBLEM – instead of part of the  SOLUTION!? When you say it’s okay for someone to shit💩 on you – THEY DO – OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER.. After awhile you all smell like Shit💩

Published on Nov 20, 2018

CNN’s Clarissa Ward says that President Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s statements on the death of Jamal Khashoggi shows that the US essentially doesn’t care Khashoggi was murdered by Saudi Arabia.


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