“SHUT UP!” Trump VERY SHOCKED After Mia Love Gives Him No Love As She Concedes A Narrow Loss In Utah

You know I’m getting sick and tired of these fuckin’ Shipls – YouTube Shills – who are hired by MSNBC CNN ABC CBS the entire MSM to put out these little clips they’re allowed to edit in their own way and and and again in erratic editorial places. I’m so sick and tired of this FUCKIN’ propaganda BS! 

My real problem is if I don’t use them the way that you’re seeing me use them, they’ll try to sue me for copyright infringement and take me down! But I’m working on a way around this – they’re going to be surprised when I put it into play.  LOLROTF I’m coming for you BITCH ASS MSM!

Published on Nov 26, 2018

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