Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know – Jonestown

Having grown up in surrounding San Francisco Bay area most of my life clear through Hugh School and College.

I came to know some of the famous characters of San Francisco. Jerry Garcia Grateful Dead, Hugh Hefner when he built the Playboy club in San Francisco in 1965 and where my sister worked from the time it opened for the next three years, the famed Mitchell brothers founders of modern porn owners of the now famous O’Farrell theater – who I went to High School with – on O’Farrell Street in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco – still there!

Anton LaVey – Who started the “Church of Satan” in San Francisco. The Black House was a building that formerly stood at 6114 California St. in San Francisco the United States. Cecil Williams, commonly known hustler on the ‘streets’ rumored aficionado of the infamous pimp/blues guitarist , Fillmore Slim. Cecil and another ‘mysterious’ amateur newcomer named Jim Jones who arrived on the scene with his troop of followers from Indiana  – calling his troop “The Peoples Church”, later talking Cecil Williams into the “church Reverand”. Cecil went on to join the now famous and respected Glide Memorial Church at 330 Ellis St, San Francisco California.

All this is a long introduction and background into Jim Jones who he was hanging around with at the time in San Francisco starting his career double career as CIA MK Ultra provocateur Palo Duro and minister of the People’s Church who murdered all of their flock, 900 people, because they drank the Kool-Aid and we’re all totally innocent victims I’m a fuckin’ maniac!.. WTF! WTF?

James Warren Jones (May 13, 1931 – November 18, 1978) was an American religious cultleader who, along with his inner circle, initiated and was responsible for a mass suicideand mass murder in JonestownGuyana.

Jones was the founder and leader of the Peoples Templecult which he began in Indianaduring the 1950s. He was officially ordained in 1956 by the Independent Assemblies of God and in 1964 by the Disciples of Christ. He moved the Temple to California in 1965 and gained notoriety with its activities in San Francisco in the early 1970s. He then relocated to Guyana. In 1978, media reports surfaced that human rights abuses were taking place in the Peoples Temple in Jonestown. U.S. Representative Leo Ryan led a delegation into the commune to investigate what was going on; Ryan and others were murdered by gunfire while boarding a return flight with defectors. Jones subsequently committed a mass murder-suicide of 918 of his followers, 304 of whom were children, almost all by cyanide poisoning via Flavor Aid.

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