Fukushima news; FUKU deadly SAKE opens in Manhattan, Degenerate AMERICAN FOOLS,


The Alpha wolfs Daughter KILLED, Fawn McKay Brodie; by Kevin d. blanch Ph.D. Dead tide pools jumping DEC. 11 2018 Monterey CA. japan 2020 the vision is 2020, NOW,, it is THE ECOLOGY stupid;; LIVE BY THE ALPHA WOLF’S daughter ;; DIE BY the ALPHA WOLF’S GREAT GRAND DAUGHTER’s, kevin d. blanch Ph.D. i her the VOICES of my GREAT GRAND DAUGHTER’S;;December 1 2018;; “A Fukushima tourism official said breweries in the prefecture are having a hard time finding buyers since the 2011 disaster. He said he hopes the shop will boost the image of Fukushima’s sakes worldwide.”


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