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Electric universe. Answers all the questions that should never be answered my mainstream cosmology. Electric universe theory explains everything. There are no black holes there are no neutron stars there was no big bang There is no dark matter and there is no dark energy! ALL OF THAT IS PURE, UNADULTERATED BS!

Published on Jul 11, 2018

A new paper published in the Journal Nature Astronomy offers a further breakthrough for proponents of planetary catastrophe. The study suggests that the large majority of asteroids in the inner asteroid belt are pieces of 5 annihilated worlds, called planetesimals. The clue the team followed was the unusual inclined or titled orbits of near-earth asteroids. In this episode, we explore why this finding is just one of countless discoveries that throw the standard story of our solar system’s alleged four and a half billion year history into total disarray. What promising alternatives can be found in the Electric Universe?

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