Supreme Injustices: a Legislative Coup in Wisconsin and a Wrongful Conviction in Georgia Intercepted — 8:01 a.m. Author Dan Kaufman, reporters Liliana Segura and Jordan Smith, and hip-hop artist Shad are this week’s guests.

North Carolina, Wisconsin, Florida, Georgia and the list goes on and on.. Actual voter and legislative fraud in the states mentioned and we’re still looking for the rest because we know there’s more out there – we’ll find them eventually but this is what it’s become. Your vote no longer counts – you can’t trust your elected officials – so what the hell are ‘you busting your ass at work for?. All you’re ever going to get out of it as screwed anyway so why are you wasting your fuckin’ time?! Kind of fish or cut bait is that dog you got now don’t hunt.. 😝😵😧😜👎👀


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