Extinction Level Event Begins Spring 2018 as Harvard Public Geoengineering Tests Begin (766)

BEWARE! Beginning in 2019 there’s a global United Nations effort to start trying to cool the planet artificially buy spray stuff in the air around the whole world to try to cool the planet from this stupid, dumbass Fuckin’ global warming scare that they have perpetrated and is not real. We are actually going right now into a mini ice age known as GSM, Grand Solar Minimum! And they have not offered us an opportunity to speak out about how we feel about it or to even KNOW OR BE AWARE of it  – this is a SECRET GLOBAL PROGRAM AGAINST NATURE AND ALL LIFE ON THE PLANET!!  WTF! WTF?

Published on Dec 14, 2018

Geoengineering tests are being public announced by Harvard University, the Solar Geoengineering Research Program is now public. So much for the conspiracy, Firsts spray trials will begin in early 2019 with calcium carbonate injected into cloud layers using a tethered balloon to begin with, moving to a fleet of aircraft at full roll out. The plan is to mimic a Pinatubo eruption level event to cool the planet by 0.6C within 15 months, termed rapid cooling. This will occur the same time the planet begins to cool as the Grand Solar Minimum intensifies, so it appears Harvard is trying to give itself success in the aerosol spraying program to cool the planet, but in actuality its the Sun in its 400 year cycle. The program will be indefinite due to “termination shock” and full reversal to global warming conditions if they stop. Global taxes to follow, new Geoengineering Taxes, no longer CO2 tax, they switched the narrative.


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