SIR DAVID ATTENBOROUGH || Kingdom of Plants- Ep1 () Life in the Wet Zone • HD

I love David Attenborough – I always have. When it comes to nature facts presentation and nature shows he is the king of them all – subject matter, content presented factually, professionally, educationally and with great entertainment value. HE. iS THE HOLY GRAIL OF NATURE SHOWS! 

And the soundtracks in the music are flawlessly excellent!

Published on Dec 8, 2018

Life in the Wet Zone David begins his journey inside the magnificent Palm House, a unique global rainforest in London. Here, he explores the extraordinary plants that are so well adapted to wet and humid environments and unravels the intimate relationships between wet zone plants and the animals that depend on them.

It was in the wet zones of the world that plants first moved on to land and in the Waterlily House David reveals how flowers first evolved some 140 million years ago. Watching a kaleidoscope of breath-taking time-lapses of these most primitive of flowers swelling and blooming in 3D, he is able to piece together the very first evolutionary steps that plants took to employ a wealth of insects to carry their precious pollen for the first time.

David discovers clues to answer a question that even had Charles Darwin stumped: how did flowering plants evolve so fast to go on to colonise the entire planet so successfully?

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