The Next End of the World | C.I.A. Classified

Velikovsky spoke on it first; Then David Talbot put it all together and spoke on it; Then Talbot and Thornhill got together and co-founded Thunderbolts project; And now, Ben Davidson and Suspicious Observers are speaking on it again. This historical story is slowly becoming realized today. Here’s the latest information on the latest developments of the great magnetic pole flips of the planet.

In the past Earth has gone through some terrible, terrible upheavals in disasters somehow man survived the mall but it’s coming again because it’s cyclic – be prepared!

Published on Dec 16, 2018

The C.I.A. classified a book on earth’s catastrophe cycle and crust displacement in 1966. With the focus and publicity of the topic at the time, why classify THIS one, wait so long to release it, and so-heavily sanitize the document?

Read the document for yourself:… We have more videos slated in the coming weeks on this topic. They will appear here and on the SuspectSky YouTube channel.

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