What is Light? Does Light Travel? [Thunderbolts Project, Ken Wheeler]

It always amazed me in the Sciences, particularly Cosmology, how brilliant PhDs can actually come up with DumbAss, stupid-people ideas and expect ALL OF US to believe it just because they can show – in mathematics – that two plus two equals four? Everybody knows that in modern physics there can be NO SUCH THING as _ both at the same time of existence – a particle and a wave! By definition they are separate and unique entities – BY DEFINITION! Light can NEVER be both at the same time and at the same place BOTH. A WAVE and a PARTICLE – FULL STOP!

Will the QUACKADEMICS ever cease with their ‘scientific cosmological ‘ BS?! WTF!

In fact, there’s a great possibility that light doesn’t travel at all! LOL!

Thunderbolts Project

Published on Sep 15, 2018

The notion that light is something that travels from one point to another is an assumption few people today ever question. Yet in this thought-provoking Space News, Thunderbolts contributor Mel Acheson explores the query, What else could light be? – a query that lies at the heart of reliability and scientific discovery.

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