Fukushima news; PACIFIC SALMON IN EPIC COLLAPSE, FU Fuktonium killing FROM Utah to Kazakhstan

Kevin really doesn’t need any introduction.. 😳😜😋

Published on Mar 22, 2017

https://www.gofundme.com/sdc76s http://thepostignoranceproject.com/ OH MY Nobel prize on balco, FU go me NOT;; Kevin D. blanch where THE Deer and the Antelope USE TO PLAY, SALMON SOLDIERS came to AMERICA; Derelict Gov. PAID (FAKE servants) refuse to their JOB;; “I AM THE now un-nature” ( AML CANCER ) kevin D. blanch the 33rd soup can; CREAM of CHEMO Bisque “I am nature” J. POLLOCK;; THE NUCLEAR tower of Babylon by kevin D. blanch the nuke ENERGY CRIME FAMILY killed the world; THE Greatest WELFARE QUEENS IN HISTORY CALLED Savannah river ( the tower of Babylon,) Chicago bridge and iron/French Government owned Areva, the soviet nuke plants called the country of Kazakhstan ( where the deer and the antelope use to play) Westinghouse, TOSHIBA, THE Nuclear DEATH NAILS;;

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