Jim Stone Claims Fukushima Nuclear Meltdowns & Tsunami Was A False Flag By Israel

Jim Stone (a made-up name), Kerry Cassidy (a made-up name) and Dutch Sinse ( made-up name) ALL CONSPIRACY -MONGERS tried to claim FUKUSHIMA is/was an ISRAELI FALSE -FLAG OPERATION! Where do they find these fuckin’ DUMBASS💩 people??

Streamed live 2 hours ago
December 27, 2018

Jim stone ( Not his real name ) says there was no nuclear Meltdowns . That it was a false flag attack and the Japanese Tsunami was a False Flag . He is basing that report upon his assertions nuclear pants can not meltdown . He did a report that took 500 hour to write and claims not just Fukushima tsunami but also the 2004 Indian ocean Tsunami aka Boxing Day tsunamis was a staged false flag event . Below are 2 story’s that came out a day apart and a audio interview with the enigma known as Jim Stone .



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