2019 Fukushima Nuclear Meltdowns Headlines Updates And Basics

I’m old enough now so it doesn’t matter for new now, but we’re all going to die because of Fukushima! My blog – on these pages – are the only place you’re going to find this information besides Dana’s site – no one else on the internet we’ll carry it.. 👀😵😵😧😧😳😠😠👎


Streamed live 11 hours ago

This is great video to start the year off with , being the first stream of 2019 I will cover a lot of the basics . That way everyone is able to get a better grasp on the massive event and understand where solutions are desperately needed and what the real situation is . We can not pretend any longer that Japan is trying or even cares so we need to step up and into the fray . My new movie will be coming out soon – Throw Nuclear Scientist From a High Speed Bullet Train.


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