Lost Footage of Africa Found That Proves An Advanced Civilization Has Been Hidden for Centuries

These people do a great job of tying entire planetary megalithic civilizations together as ‘the same builders’ in Egypt in Peru and even  at the Ural Mountains – all of them SAME BUILDERS, METHODS AND STYLE.. 😳😊😝

Zohar StarGate Ancient Discoveries

Published on Sep 5, 2018

Contrary to popular belief, some ancient African civilizations were highly advanced and capable of spectacular engineering accomplishments. Many of these ancient societies built architectural wonders using construction expertise that has stumped civil engineers and historians until recent years.

Could the Atlantean civilization have finally passed some secrets on to civilizations in Africa? Considering the degree of scientific and technological development that we have reached in only three thousand years, we can easily imagine the amount of knowledge accumulated by previous ancient civilization.

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