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Earth’s magnetic poles reverse themselves about every 12K years – give or take 1K -and every 100K years. We knew this. What we didn’t know is after thorough research, just in the past 10 or 20 years, the geologic and astrophysical research data now show conclusively that a pole flip doesn’t take 1K or 2K years to complete – it can happen in as little as 80 years or even much less than that. They now believe that the last flood event that happened 12K or so years ago was due precisely to a pole reversal and sudden planetary Crustal Shift. This is all new peer-reviewed science research.

They – ESA/NASA – recently launched the Swarm Mission – satellites orbiting Earth devoted solely for measuring, monitoring and researching the magnetic poles of the earth and the magnetic field of the planet – in detail. The following video will fill in more details for you and I will be posting more on this subject in the science category much more often as the research is concluded.


Published on Feb 27, 2018

The critical issue in this presentation is whether the reversal is going to happen soon. It is undeniable that the general pole shift and field weakening have presented symptomatically of a reversal or significant excursion, and the only point both ESA/SWARM and MIT use to quell fear is that they believe it will take 1000s of years. The math of losing 5% per decade, and the potential for fast reversals, cast a shadow on such aspersions of safety.


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