Fukushima Radioactive Bags Near Ocean Now Construction Soil For Highway To Hell

Japan continues to contaminate the whole fuckin’ world with their Radioactive garbage and there is not a DAY that it goes by that you’re not putting more Fukushima contamination in your body!


Strontium Milks

Published on Jan 15, 2019

FUKUSHIMA RADIOACTIVE SOIL USED TO BUILD NEW ROADS AND RESIDENTS ARE ANGRY. Japan, plans to build new roads that use soil exposed to radiation during core meltdowns. The project would bury large black bags full of the soil under a stretch of the planned road. Buried at a depth of around 1.6 feet.

The bags would then be covered with clean soil in a pathetic attempt to block harmful radiation. The Japanese government has encouraged residents to return to their former homes, but many still believe it is unsafe. Authorities even began withdrawing housing assistance payments to those who left the area after the meltdown, effectively forcing them to return. Because of the huge amount of soil to be disposed of, authorities want to use some of it productively.

The Environment Ministry said it would use soil emitting a maximum radiation of 8,000 becquerels per kilogram. If the trials are successful, the ministry plans to replicate the plans nationwide.


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