Sinatra – The Passing of a Legend – Part 32 of 51 – Sinatra, Inc.

Here are only two of the series of 51 written about  ‘the chairman of the board ‘ and his famous Rat Pack – arguably the most diverse and fully successful entertainment crew. I’m going to tell you all about the Rat Pack  – and there are many  visitations – and how they thrived and survived and rode into the sunset  “I’m on top of the heap” said he.. So – get ready for a series of THE RAT PAC – AND ‘MMFIC’ – FRANCIS ALBERT SINATRA!! 😳😧😃😜😋👀💪



Published on Apr 18, 2016

***Please forgive the horizontal line that appears in this one.*** In honor of Frank Sinatra’s recent centennial, here’s part 32 from my collection of various news reports (locally, nationally, and internationally) and specials that I recorded the week of Frank Sinatra’s passing. I hope you’ll find these videos both entertaining and informative.

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