CDC Fuzzy Math Golden Globes Push Vaccine Senator Dies From Flu Shot Jose Peralta

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Strontium Milks

Published on Jan 18, 2019

Lame stream Media been sharing some really fuzzy math from the CDC regarding flu deaths. The CDC claims 13 children have died in over 24 states now how is that even possible? I have found it was not just some glitch several networks were floating the same #’s I always wondered why the Center for Disease Control was not called center for disease prevention or do they really prefer to control diseases? The Golden globes are cringe worthy enough but now they are promoting flu shots.

With some bad acting i might add as they pretending to give flu shots to the actors in the audience. What i find most astonishing is they chose a serial killing SJW from the show Killing EVE Sandra Ho To give the Go ahead to perform flu shots to the crowd. Her host also mentioned of free pizza in an attempt to make light of pizza gate. It’s almost as if the Cabal has to give you some warning so the partially woke can pick up on the madness of Hollywood gone bonkers.

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