Maverick Star Reloaded – – The Gene Beard Interview – Tri-Mag Introduction

MSM will tell you that a magnetic pole shift or flip on the planet is relatively minor thing and oh by the way, it happens all the time, it’s happened many times over history but as you see we’re still here so it can’t be that bad eh? WRONG!

But they have never been SO wrong and they have never told a bigger lie than they’re telling you now. By 2046 there’s going to be a complete flip – top to bottom, north to south – of the planet’s magnetic poles and what that means for us can be epic and catastrophic.

The megalithic floods planet-wide, the ice ages, the falling of dynasties globally, the remains of ancient megalithic ruins built by civilizations that are long gone and completely destroyed, and the micro Novas of the Sun evidenced in glass stones the size of cars found on the moon, not to mention the astronauts who did Moonwalks and brought their suits inside the capsule for storage stated, ” the moon dust has the intense smell of burnt gunpowder” – all point to periodic pole flips and accompanying natural periodic disasters that happened regularly on planet Earth and cannot be avoided or denied! 

Oppenheimer Ranch Project

Published on Jan 20, 2019

Tonight is the first in a series of interviews with Gene Beard – Maverick Star Reloaded. I have been independently supporting Gene and his citizen scientist endeavor for 7 years… you should too. Learn why now… Enjoy! Our primary focus is the tracking of the geomagnetic north and south poles, why? because for the last 100 years the magnetic poles have been migrating on earth, and more recently covering greater distance in shorter time periods, so not only have the poles began migrating they are also speeding up. The last time the earth experienced a complete magnetic reversal was around 780,000 years ago and before this the earth regularly went through a reversal every 350.000 years or thereabouts. The magnetic poles are genarated by the earths magneto,

it is not completely known how but scientist’s believe it is through a process linked to the molten swirling iron core in the interior of the earth, as a result of this process we enjoy an invisible magnetic protective shield known as the magnetosphere, which protects us from harmful cosmic and solar radiation on the earths surface. During a magnetic reversal the magnetosphere weekens, during the last 50 years the magnetosphere has reduced in strength by over 20% which means earth is losing it’s protective shield. We at pole shift news believe humanity is facing the most important geological event in history, that will without doubt affect not just every human on this planet, but all biological lifeforms and species across the range. You right now are less than one of 3% in knowledge of this information and there are 7 billion souls on earth.

This website is crowd funded only. We are developing real time tracking equipment to monitor the pole migration and that data will be posted soon on this site weekly, along with other magnetic pole related topics such as arctic climate shift etc. so bookmark this website and check in regularly for an update on the pole shift news.


  1. Hi Jim can you take a look at the video from adapt 20 30 on utube is very interesting you will find about other planets going threw reversals and pluto loosing its atmosphere.The video is under three possibilities for 2021.

    • Greetings: Yes I have, I have been following and re-posting David’s posts for years now. There is a core group of us who support each other – Suspicious0bservers/ Ben Davis; Thunderbolts Project/Holoscience Wal Thornhill; Dr. John Dunning/Phsicist; and lately Safire Project/Monty Childs; and Eric Lerner/LPPFusion – who is a staunch critic of the Big Bang and prefers the Plasmoid – centric center of Universes and the Electric Plasma Sun theory. check them out also.. Doug Voght; Diehold Foundation says we may only have a decade or less before the next Micronova of the sun.. his stuff is great too!! Let me know what you think after..

  2. Gene have you correlated nasa artic temp warming temps with magnetic movement since 70’s start readings?

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