Key Russia Probe Figure Scared Of Mueller, Cancels U.S. Trip | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Are any of you out there who pay attention to this blog, or to the public domain investigation of DumbaAss Doofus💩 still questioning whether or NOT he is a TRAITOR AND A ‘ROUGUE PRESIDENT after watching this newscast – then you should go crawl back under that rock that you crawled out from under and go back to sleep!

Published on Jan 21, 2019

A Russian popstar who worked with Donald Trump Jr. to set up the 2016 Trump Tower meeting, says he is now canceling a trip to the United States because he is afraid of Bob Mueller. Pop star Emin Agalarov’s lawyer tells NBC News the cancellation is “most definitely” linked to the Russia probe. Giuliani is doing damage control, trying to backpedal from his comments suggesting Trump was involved in talks for a Trump Tower Moscow deal up until the 2016 election. Attorney Maya Wiley tells Ari Melber Giuliani has “essentially made himself a fact witness” in the Mueller probe.

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