“They Were Planning On Stealing The Election”: Explosive New Tapes Reveal Cambridge Analytica CEO’s Boasts Of Voter Suppression, Manipulation And Bribery 03 Sunday Feb 2019

Unbelievable story.. but true nonetheless! 

February 4, 2019

Before reading the recent article below, it is worth (re) reading this excerpt from the “Written Statement to the US Senate Committee on the Judiciary in the Matter of Cambridge Analytica and other related issues” by Christopher Wylie 16 May 2018 “The Russian-American researcher Dr Aleksandr Kogan was selected to lead the data harvesting operation, as he offered the use of Facebook apps which he had developed in his academic role to collect personal data about Facebook users and their friends…. At the time, Dr Kogan was also working on Russian state-funded research projects.

He was based at times in St Petersburg and also would fly to Moscow. The Russian team at St Petersburg was also building similar algorithms using Facebook data for psychological profiling. The Russian project had a particular focus on the “dark triad” traits of narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy. The Russian project also conducted behavioural research on online trolling. 31. It should be noted that CA was very much aware of this work going on in Russia and in fact sought to pitch “the interesting work Alex Kogan has been doing for the Russians” to its other clients. 32. Contemporaneous to Dr Kogan’s data profiling work in Russia, CA was also in close contact with senior executives at Lukoil, one of Russia’s largest oil companies.

After receiving a request for information from Lukoil executives in the spring of 2014, CA discussed with Lukoil its experience with foreign disinformation, rumour campaigns, microtargeting and its American data assets. Mr Nix also emailed me to say that he was passing on a white paper I wrote outlining the US project to the CEO of Lukoil. 33. It should be noted that Lukoil has formal information sharing agreements with the Russian Federal Security Service (“FSB”) and is known to conduct intelligence gathering on behalf of the FSB.” See more here: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2018/05/17/wylie-testimony-to-us-senate-judiciary-committee-on-cambridge-analytica-russia-connections-and-more/ The mention of Lukoil-Lukoil execs above, and “oil billionaire clients”, below, is worth noting.



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        • FACEBOOK stole my site one day and i can no longer even login. Please let those fellow Facebook followers I USED TO HAVE AFTER 5 YEARS OF HARD WORK that I have moved — alas I cannot even do THAT! Thanks

          • That’s ashame. Can you write and challenge them? I enjoyed looking at your Facebook, even though I’m not on Facebook. It made me feel less alone. I enjoy reading righteous anger when so few have it, whether Fuku or Trump. Your comment is missing something. Did you want me to do something or you are just telling people in the comment?

            If you are the only one who can document certain info about your father, make sure it’s done, because you never know. I want to regroup on what I’m doing, because we don’t know the future, but don’t seem able to right now. There was some discussion about if Facebook owns your family pictures, etc., early on so I opted not to use it in my personal life. It really bugs me that the politicians post on Facebook and Twitter rather than their gov web site because it is supposed to be government documents. How did they steal Obama’s Blackberry but not Trump’s twitter?

          • Personally, I could give a shit about DRM and Facebook Monopoly! What’s mine is MINE and always will be. It just really hurts that I lost 5 years of hard work.. I’m besides myself over that loss… I hope you guys can manage to keep on truckin’ I believe your work is ESSENTIAL! .. if I can help let me know.

          • I always knew they would become who they are now. I had a 35yr career as a Network Engineer in Tech so I understand the “lay of the land” so I never used personal pics or revealed too much of the truth about ME. I only allowed name recognition. )I didn’t want to use an alias – I preferred to be ME online, I want my opinions to be MINE and NO ONE gets a pass from me, if your an asshole you will be designated as that asshole by me! LOL 😉

            I’m almost ready to begin to memorialize my Dad – its a hard thing that he is gone for me yet.

          • On your Dad: It will remain a hard thing. I think it’s almost more sad to see someone leave that has been around a long time, than someone dying younger.

        • Thank you. I had no idea my posts were being read by such professional bloggers as you and yours. I am willing to discuss mirroring your posts to my page if that is possible and works for you, please advise.

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    • Not a problem I really like your work I reblog as often as I possibly can. I think your work is well-researched and well-presented fansided great work you guys!

        • ouThank you again for your keen eye on history. I am very proud of my Dad and all his accomplishments and I DO intend to create a site dedicated to his body of work that spanned more than 70 – 70 – years. Thank you so much.

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