Causes of the Ice Ages, Series 4, Part 2, Scientific Proof the Sun Novas

This is part two in a series of five..

Are you going to learn why we have an asteroid belt nobody’s ever been able to figure that one out no it wasn’t because two planets collided and this is a debris field – sorry! You’ll also learn why we have is such a thing called the Kuiper belt and quite a few other facts you don’t know that you don’t know.


Diehold Foundation

Published on Dec 3, 2018

Video Series 1 on the basic information theory should be seen first to fully understand the philosophy behind discovering what causes the polar reversals and ice ages Video series 4, Part 2, covers the most important information for anyone on this planet because I will fully explain that our Sun novas and causes the ice ages and why they happen immediately after a geomagnetic reversal (Pole shift, polar reversal). The last time it happened was about 12,000 years age ago.

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