MYSTERY OF THE MEGA FLOOD NOVA Discovery Science History full documentary

Personally, I always thought that NOVA, and shows like it, were just elaborate forms of disinformation propaganda produced by the government and the Quackademic Mainstream to try to convince us that they figured out all normal geologic processes that created places like the Washington Scablands. And once I started exploring Doug Vogt’s (see previous posts from yesterday and the day before for his work) I decided – like he did – NOVA and shows like it still did not explain the massive flooding that actually happens during a Global Magnetic Pole Shift.

But it does make for good entertainment and a great fairy tale LOL! Enjoy the Fairy Tale! And as you can see by the date stamp and citation of origin this is what they’re teaching kids in high school this propaganda Bullshit..

Published on Oct 12, 2015

This is a re-post of a video we used in our classrooms. The series NOVA and its affiliates own the rights and are responsible for the content.

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