Mafia Dumps Radioactive Waste on American Roads Nuclear in Gas Bill Mollison

They are illegally mixing highly radioactive nuclear waste what’s the matter asphalt and other construction material have you building your city bridges, buildings, sidewalks, Streets, Roads and Highways with the stuff mixed in they are radiating the entire country – amazing but TRUE!  😳😧😵😡😠

I’ve been following strontium milk on the internet for at least six years almost seven he was one of the original Fukushima disaster chroniclers and bloggers on the internet he has a lot of fantastic work in his history look him up this guy knows his Shit – this story is no bullshit!  PAY ATTENTION!

Published on Feb 9, 2019

Bill Mollison talks about how the Mafia does the dirty work for the nuclear cartel. Getting rid of nuclear waste by dumping it onto highways. Bill Mollison says they will do anything to save money.

The government uses the Mafia to get rid of nuclear waste it does not want to touch. The Mafia would use mixer trucks with a tube running out the end and dump the waste from Maine down to Boston. Bill figured it out after somebody was tipped off from high geiger counter readings following one of these mixer trucks had flower paintings on it.

Nuclear waste is also added to metal to get rid of waste ultimately making the metal more brittle and a severe health hazard. Also radioactive waste was discovered in jet fuel and some gas fuels. It is suspected this was done to get rid of radioactive waste. But as we know you cant get rid of waste, only dilute it further to ultimately hurt more people.

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  1. This is truly horrifying, isn’t it? What that guy says is even more frightening. It is as bad or worse than the book “laying waste” where they dumped toxic chemicals into the swamp at night and the fur from cows fell off.

    Given your jazz roots, you may have heard the rumor that radioactive waste is buried in the concrete foundation of at least one building in downtown New Orleans on Canal St. (I know the name but dare not write it out because it is hearsay). Also, that at least some of the infill in Metairie and/or New Orleans east is waste cans – possibly toxic (or rad).

    Because the mafia controls construction they have been able to bury it throughout Italy. The repenitent Italian mobster – Schiavone – talked about bringing in German rad sludge to Italy in containers lined in lead and burying it along highways. After his testimony became public and he appeared on TV he died very quickly. If they buried them in the lead containers, as opposed to simply transport then it’s better than the US gov officially (and unofficially) does. I was left with the impression that the reason that the road is so good between Padua and Venice Italy is the burial of waste and needing to repave over it. They seem to put it in embankments of highways. They have found rad waste just sitting around Milan too.

    There was a major waste scam in the US and hearings ca 1993 about how Martin Marietta (now Lockheed Martin) put white-out on labels and sent Oak Ridge waste to be illegally burned or buried in around 60 sites in the US. It was revealed by a journalist in Baton Rouge Louisiana because Rollins was illegally burning rad and toxic waste UNFILTERED. Rollins is/was located in a poor black community in North Baton Rouge Louisiana.  The Louisiana Dept. Of Environmental Quality tried to write the company up and fine them.  The law firm of the governor, Edwin Edwards, represented Rollins.  He intervened and fired the head of the DEQ. Edwards has been connected to mafia boss Carlos Marcello and was at one point sent to prison.  This Rollins part was documented on a web site called Smoke School. That story seems to have been removed, I bet because Edwards got out of jail, but it’s still in the archives:

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