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While DumbAss  Doofus💩 scams us into worrying about the Southern border and all the trafficking and drugs coming into the country on the Southern border the Canadian border which has no fencing, no controls, it has a border twice the length of the Southern border is leaking drugs and EVERYTHING ELSE like a broken dam! WTF! WTF?

The Fifth Estate

Published on Feb 24, 2017

It may seem bizarre to put the words “Mennonites” and “Drugs” in the same sentence, but for years some members of the God-fearing religious community has been smuggling narcotics from Mexico into the United States and Canada. It started with a patriarch named Abe Harms, who fled Ontario after being busted for marijuana smuggling and set up a drug-running operation in Mexico.

But when his son Enrique took over the family crime business, they graduated to moving massive amounts of cocaine across the border. That caught the eye of American drug investigators. U.S. authorities carried out large-scale undercover operations and drug busts — and now Enrique is a man on the run. Bob McKeown investigates the strange and sinister dealings of The Mennonite Connection.


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