Scott Galloway: AMI Is Out Of Business, They Just Don’t Know It Yet | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

LOLROTF.. Goodbye AMI!!  😳😧😵😜😆😅💪👀

Published on Feb 8, 2019

Following the National Enquirer’s headline exposing Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ love affair including private text messages and photos, Bezos launched an investigation into how the publication had access to those. Stephanie Ruhle breaks down the latest on this story and what could be so damaging that AMI would resort to apparent blackmail to end Bezos’ investigation.

Weighing in: NBC’s Dylan Byers, NYU Professor Scott Galloway, University of Baltimore Law Professor Kim Wehle, GOP Strategist Rick Tyler and Sirius XM Progress Radio Host Mark Thompson.

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