US Senate Targets Those Boycotting Israel; 77 Senators Voted To Throw Away The First Amendment; 23 Voted To Protect 10 Sunday Feb 2019

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In NAACP vs. Claiborne Hardware Co., it was determined that boycott is protected under the first amendment of the US Constitution: “The nonviolent elements of petitioners’ activities are entitled to the protection of the First Amendment… Through exercise of their First Amendment rights of speech, assembly, association, and petition, rather than through riot or revolution, petitioners sought to bring about political, social, and economic change… While States have broad power to regulate economic activities, there is no comparable right to prohibit peaceful political activity such as that found in the boycott in this case.

Are the 77 Senators going to move to Israel? Most are not Jewish. Would they be allowed? Where is America first, as opposed to Israel first? The United States seems to be the only country in the world which puts its own people last in every way. Now they are trying to strip away the ability to peacefully protest. Beware: This is probably coming to the US House next and could become law, if not stopped.


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