Shock and Awe: The Story of Electricity — Jim Al-Khalili BBC Horizon

No one thinks about it much today it’s completely taken for granted and assumed that it’s been with us all of our lives – which it has – or for all of history – which it has NOT! Watch and learn about all the key players many of which were not good guys – at all!!   👀👌😜😋

Published on May 26, 2015

Part 1 – Spark 0:00

Part 2 – The Age of Invention 58:30

Part 3 – Revelations and Revolutions 1:56:50


In this three-part BBC Horizon documentary physicist and science communicator Jim Al-Khalili takes the viewer on a journey exploring the most important historical developments in electricity and magnetism. This documentary discusses how the physics (and the people behind the physics) changed the world forever.

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