Hawaii Record, Snowfall, Cold and Wind Speed Four Islands (790)

I’ve been warning you about this coming I thought it wouldn’t start like this until next year but I was wrong it’s here this year next year will be twice to three times as bad so it’s snowing all over the beaches in Hawaii and it’s awfully damn cold nobody has any insulation and nobody can stay warm and they certainly can’t be growing any food so this is getting serious folks – PAY ATTENTION!  GSM IS HERE NOW!

But you ain’t hearin’ me, so – good luck..

Published on Feb 15, 2019

Hawaii state wide record coldest temperature ever and 191 mph winds highest ever on the Big Island, snow to the lowest elevation ever on Maui, rare thunderstorm warning Kauai and massive 40+foot waves on Oahu. This was a once in at least 150 year storm.



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