Andrew McCabe: ‘Not Surprising’ Trump Tried To Intervene In SDNY Probe | The Last Word | MSNBC

Okay this is some serious SHIT now! The average one of you – which I would not say most of you who follow this blog – but the average one of you readers must realize when you see this kind of hard reporting in the MSM you have to take your chin up your arm sit up and notice that this some serious SHIT. You all have no idea how much garbage I have to Wade through on the internet to find the choice MSM pieces that actually talk about what’s really going on! You really have no idea.. JUST LISTEN UP!!  💪👌😂😮😵


Published on Feb 19, 2019

Former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe tells Lawrence that the behavior of the president is undermining our institutions, the latest example being the New York Times report that Trump wanted an ally to oversee the Cohen investigations.

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