Trump’s 40 Nuclear Power Stations For Saudi Appear Still In The Works; With Enrichment & Reprocessing (For Bombs); Plus Kushner 666 Connection

Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2019

So, here we go!  ⚜KING DUMBASS DOOFUS💩 wants to GIVE AWAY 40 NUKES TO MSB in exchange for being the sole proprietor and operator of the lot!

All supplied by a Consortium of companies owned by retired US Military Generals and other high-ranking military officials and nuclear industry lobbyists! WTF!?


On February 12, 2019, it was reported that President Trump participated in a White House meeting with private nuclear power developers… Participants reportedly included Rear Admiral Hewitt and General Keane from IP3, as well as representatives from Westinghouse, General Electric, Exelon, Nuscale, TerraPower, Lightbridge, AECOM, BWXT, Centrus Energy Corp., and X-energy. President Trump was reportedly “supportive” of the executives’ plans to sell nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia

Trump-Kushner Nuclear Middle East plan appears ongoing. It seems to have evolved to include enrichment and reprocessing to make nuclear fuel AND nuclear bombs. The original plan included 40 nuclear power stations in Saudi Arabia alone. Additional reactors would be in other countries. The original plan included working with Russia. There is no reason to believe that is changed – sanctions or not. If it were Hillary and involved a deal about 666 5th Ave. then there would be an internet field day talking about the “Mark of the Beast” Connection. As it stands, silence prevails about that bizarre apparent oddity. Russia and terrorists both love symbolism, so it may not be a coincidence.
In January 2018, Brookfield Business Partners, a subsidiary of Brookfield Asset Management, announced its plans to acquire Westinghouse Electric for $4.6 billion. Westinghouse Electric is the bankrupt nuclear services company that is part of IP3’s proposed consortium to build nuclear reactors in Saudi Arabia, and which stands to benefit from the Middle East Marshall Plan.

In August 2018, Brookfield Asset Management purchased a partnership stake in 666 Fifth Avenue, a building owned by Jared Kushner’s family company””  more, follow the link just below ⬇


  1. I admire you guys work. I wish I had an assistant on my site – I would be linking much more of your work. I read much more of your stuff than I can post. But alas, I spend most of my time “shlogging” through pertinent youtubes that I am exhausted after about 5-6 posts a day.. ;-( Maybe one day that will change.. keep up the great work!!

    • Thanks. Youtube videos are the toughest. It’s not like you can skim through them (though someone told me you can but I didn’t figure it out). I don’t have much patience if it’s longer than 3 minutes, unless I know it’s really important and even then. So you are helping people by pre-selecting what is important. I am no longer any good at dual tasking, if I ever was. Sometimes I can listen and clean vegetables. A guy who wrote a book on trance claims that it is risky to dual task because something could sneak past your critical mind. The best was the limited time when I had access to cable TV and a big screen and room to walk in circles but even then I missed some things. The TV here is from ca 1977 and obviously doesn’t work…. I have long dreamed of a dozen research assistants but I bet if I had them they wouldn’t work and would be more of a pain than a help. Too few are driven by urgency like you are and I was… have to admit I am rather fed up. I promised myself two days ago that I would regroup myself and set priorities because we could all die at any time, but haven’t done it. On the contrary, suddenly Algeria springs to mind and sure enough things are going on there … Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. It didn’t show up for me. Thanks for the “stars” too. I am of the generation when we got stars for good behavior and it was something magnificent. A certificate for summer reading with a ribbon even better! Now they give kids ice cream to read in the summer. I want to spend more time on past events which are somehow related but can’t keep up with current events.

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