Anyway you look at it it’s a bad day for Venezuela. On the one hand the good news is  President Maduro I’m pretty sure you’ll be leaving very soon: however on the other hand the method by which he lives and the inspiration thereof don’t appear to be the best scenario. Looks to me like a plain old American Coup an interference in a foreign independent country.

THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION has set a deadline of February 23 for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to bow down to the U.S. This week on Intercepted: U.S. military aircraft have landed in Colombia under the pretext of delivering humanitarian aid, as Trump vows to overthrow the government in Caracas. Venezuela scholar George Ciccariello-Maher and journalist Kim Ives discuss recent developments and examine the massive protests rocking Haiti’s U.S.-backed president. The Intercept’s Jon Schwarz details the bloody and murderous career of Elliott Abrams, the man now in charge of U.S.-Venezuela operations. And journalist Sharif Abdel Kouddous explains the failed revolution in Egypt and outlines U.S.-backed dictator Gen. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s plot to make himself president for life.

Donald J. Trump: Thank you very much, everybody. So, I’m going to be signing a national emergency. Who knows what that means because walls don’t work? Everybody knows that. Nancy knows it. They all know it. It’s all a big lie. It’s a big con game. I didn’t need to do this. It’s wrong. It’s just a lie. It’s all a lie. And we will have a national emergency and we will then be sued and they will sue us in the ninth circuit —

DJT: Where the hell did that come from? Trump is crazy. That’s the story. Sean Hannity has been a terrific, terrific president so I liked him a lot and he likes me a lot. Enjoy your life and thank you, everybody. Thank you very much.

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  1. This whole thing is strange. Chavez had to know that Martelly and them were stealing the money, yet he continued to include them in PetroCaribe. Martelly rode around with the macoutes back in the day. Martelly’s dad was a Shell Oil exec. The current Haitian president supposedly had drug drops on his banana plantation. Kim Ives has been reporting on Haiti since at least the mid 1980s – he’s actually a white Englishman (if I recall correctly). He originally wrote in Haiti Progres. But, he is very very close in to things and sometimes maybe good to stand outside a bit. I finally realized that Haiti will never be free due to shipping routes/ the need to get to the Panama Canal (Windward passage?). Also, related drug trafficking. They probably want almost all Haitians gone, too, so they can make it into a Caribbean playground for the rich. One of the most shocking things about Haiti is that they pay rent for the tiny tin shacks in the slums, so small they take turns sleeping! Around the mid 90s rents in Haiti became comparable to the US (for comparable housing), but wages not! Additionally, the US went into Haiti the first time partly because the Germans were in there (e.g. Lueders Affair). The so-called mulatto elite since Duvalier are actually Middle Easterners with some Germans and at one English family. Only one major family is Jewish. They were mostly spat out of the Ottoman Empire. They tend to be called “Syrians” and started as rag merchants who slept with their wares on the streets. They have kinsmen all through the Americas that helped them do international business. For one family the ancestor literally missed the boat to Argentina. The old mulatto elite families are the ones who Duvalier went after. They were highly educated, free, mixed French and African. Some of the rich Syrians do seem to have married in with some of the old elites. I think that the DC AG, Karl Racine, must be from the old mulatto elite, though it’s more difficult to tell since he moved to the US at age 3 years. In Haiti you have to be black to be a citizen (unless it changed). Thus, the whites there got labeled as mulatto. Some Poles stayed after the Haitian Revolution, and were considered black. I wrote a lot on Haiti early on. If you are interested you can do a search in the search window. The blog was supposed to be three posts on mining in Haiti and then retire it. It was Haiti Mining Awareness. The first that I read about the Russian mafia was reading about Haiti-the Caribbean. The other thing is that Venezuela got a loan from Russia liened CITGO – which is around 4 or 5% of US refining capacity. So, from that angle Venezuela really is a national security issue. A lot of our gas stations and refining capacity is owned by the Venezuelan gov and risks being Russian owned. If Venezuela is the third world, then maybe we are the fourth world now? If they own us? I don’t see anyone covering this CITGO angle. Every few days I wonder if it’s not really Germany behind Putin/Russia. Pence’s father or grandfather was German and a member of the Chicago Stock Exchange and into gambling. Sounds a lot like 1/2 German Trump. Putin looks German, speaks German and has a Stasi pass.

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