Dr. Jerry Tennant: Recharge Your Battery and Heal | Electricity of Life

PART 2 — Dr. Jerry Tennant rings to you part 2 in a two-part series. WE ARE ELECTRIC AS IS THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!! Understand this and live more healthy, be much happier and live much longer!  😏😳😮😧😜💪👌


Published on Feb 27, 2019

In part one of this presentation, Dr. Jerry Tennant introduced us to his extraordinary research into the complex electrical circuitry of the human body. Since his own remarkable battle with debilitating ailments, Dr. Tennant has worked to develop a kind of map of this circuitry, to understand its essential connection to physical wellbeing. In the previous episode, Dr. Tennant discussed the particular significance of the circuitry connecting teeth to other regions of the body. The concept of illness arising from electrical imbalances is, of course, unconventional in most modern medicine. However, the application of electromagnetic therapies in healing is not new. In this conclusion, we asked Dr. Tennant to begin by discussing some of the earliest examples of the use of electromagnetism as a physical remedy.


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