Senator Slams Administration After Jamal Khashoggi Meeting | Morning Joe | MSNBC

This man – Jamal Khashoggi – was cut up in pieces and electrocuted WHILE HE WAS STILL ALIVE in the Turkish Embassy!!! DumbAss Doofus insists MBS had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!! And he was an employee of the WAPO at the time.. a JOURNALIST!! AND WE’RE DOING NOTHING ABOUT IT?  WTF?!

Published on Mar 6, 2019

Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., weighs in on a closed-door meeting between Senators and Trump WH officials on the killing of Jamal Khashoggi and the U.S. relationship with Saudi Arabia.


  1. I forgot to say that there are also Flemish (Belgium and Netherlands) along with the Germans. There are Japanese and Chinese. In the Caribbean there are people from India and I guess in Latin America too. I guess anything you can imagine can be found in Latin America, as in North America. I retrospectively realized that someone I thought was indigenous was actually Chinese, part Chinese or an indigenous Chinese mix. There was that Peruvian leader who was Japanese. Almost the only immigration Japan allows is return home of Japanese from Latin America. Remember scum-bag Ernest Moniz of the DOE? His wife is Latin American Japanese. This could have impacted his position on Fukushima.

  2. I guess you know who Khashoggi’s uncle is? Some think that he knew too much because of his uncle. Trump dined with his uncle and was jealous and re-did Trump Tower accordingly in the 1980s. The uncle was involved in Iran Contra and BCCI, as were many of the current players in this drama. I suspect he knew something about 911 too, and that Trump was involved in that. Another author at WaPo is from BGR Group which is connected to all of this mess from Nixon to Trump and including the Saudis, Russians, etc. They are from Mississippi and Alabama. Much of this evil is still centered in Mississippi. They let them keep their segregationist academies and continue to practice impunity. Somehow this is all connected – Bryant, Barbour, etc. One startling thing is that Russia was Mississippi’s largest trade partner ca 1990. I’m not sure when that ended. They sell/sold chicken parts to Russia. Bezos’ uncle was involved at the beginning of ARPA and Trump’s uncle John was involved in a thing (NRDC?) which spun off into ARPA and into the Manhattan project, In 1943 he was the one to review Tesla’s papers supposedly in 2 days time. Tesla died on 5th avenue. Tesla got funding from Czechoslovakia toward the end, according to FBI records.. Ivana Trump is Czech and the Trump kids summered there during the Cold War. The Czech grandparents stayed much of the year in Trump Tower. This stuff is weird. The Russian-Jewish mafia ruled the gulags and one thing they were known for was sawing people apart alive. Khashoggis are originally from Turkey. Kingdom Holdings holds a lot of twitter stock, and is probably now controlled by MBS, as they reached an understanding with the owner after house arrest.

    • YOU know muxh more than I on this “deep politics” .. so no, i have no idea who khosouggi”s uncle is. PLEASE ADVISE via a link on his bio please.. thank you in advance.

      • Short version: I had linked someplace to an article talking about how the nephew could know too much about the Saudis and 911. If you download the government summaries on Iran Contra or BCCI then you find Khashoggi and some of the other jokers like BGR Group’s Haley Barbour and Ed Rogers (who writes for WaPo). Manafort has an indirect link to Khashoggi too. Barbour, Rogers, Manafort, Stone and others were somehow all mixed up in Nixon-Reagan, including Nixon’s Southern Strategy. The same countries-regions as appear in Iran Contra tend to crop up now. The reality is weirder than any conspiracy theory or fiction. IF Mueller is doing his job, however, he was involved in prosecuting BCCI so he has a head start. Barr was involved in blocking part of the BCCI case. There must be a Putin-KGB connection through BCCI. I read someplace that KGB is believed to have used BCCI. I have trouble learning these corruption scandals but knew enough about Iran Contra to notice the same or similar countries turning up. I need a big piece of paper the size of a wall to draw the dots!

        • One of many dots to connect that I forgot: June 2017 Uncle Khashoggi died: “Though his career ended in decline and disgrace, he had at least one admirer. “Khashoggi understood the art of bringing people together and putting together a deal better than almost anyone – all the bullshitting part,” said Donald Trump.” He may have been hurried along like I believe Bush Sr was. Remember Bush Sr said “Where are we going?” And James Baker told Bush Sr. “We’re going to heaven”. But, only Bush went… Who tells someone that? Maybe they wanted to be truthful in old age and got expedited through unnatural causes? Just because someone’s old doesn’t mean it’s their time. Everyone’s doing so-called Hillary “body-counts” but no Trump ones.

        • WOW.. thanks for all this, now I can begin to figure out why shit in S.America is so mindbendingly stupid!! I have lived here for almost 7 yrs now and it still confuses me.. lol

          • I was going to ask if the grass was greener or only different. Sometimes different is good enough. For the problems of Latin America look at all of the German influence and Middle Easterners spat out of the Ottoman Empire. I don’t know how much Italians have had a bad influence, too. Germans were there causing troubles from the 1500s. I would say that maybe world troubles are Nazi Germans vs non-Nazis. However, Nazis doesn’t explain the centrality of Israel. Pence is half German and so is Trump. I still suspect that Putin is German. There could be some cousins of American Germans down there. Also the Mormons hid down there to practice polygamy. One of the countries took Confederates who didn’t want to give up slavery, too. American gets blamed for everything, but then who is an American? Is someone like Trump with a British born mother and father who was made in Germany and born in the USA American? One elite Haitian family actually descends from (Middle Eastern) immigrants who literally missed the boat to Latin America. Some of their relatives made it, though. These families spread out all over to do international business together. I first read about Russian (Jewish) mafia and connection to old Jewish mafia (part of Murder Inc) in regards to Haiti. Then, of course, you have the importance of the Panama Canal and shipping routes, depending on your location. And, drug trafficking, which is probably the most important of all. You know, of course, that bunches of Germans were invited to farm in Russia, and then later given land out west in the United States. I think some went to Mexico and Canada. We aren’t taught that history. That’s not to underestimate the better known Spanish influence, of course. Nor French influence.

          • WOW.. you really nailed a couple of things I have been confused one paragraph. If I only had TIME to dig into these things and pull these threads I would be highly enlightened but you have planted a BIG BUG.. THANKS!

          • Thanks. With internet it will be easy and fun. I think you will have trouble stopping. You can start with broad outlines for the national and regional levels but keep working down to the local ruling families and even conflicts between these. I suspect you are on the Caribbean and for many of the countries that region is distinct from inland areas or areas furthur south. Even in the US there a big differences from town to town based on settlement patterns. Or, there used to be.

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