Hidden Catastrophe Science | Ep. 1 – CIA Brief on the End of the World

I’ve always been a big fan of catastrophe Sciences. Things that don’t make sense but you’re looking at it play frozen mammoth in Siberia and how fuckin’ hard it is to freeze anything  – especially a mammoth and there was not one there were hundreds! Those kinds of temperatures have never existed on this planet – or have they?  Follow my series of these Catastrophe Science posts to learn some answers – I GUARANTEE IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND WHEN YOU LEARN THE REAL TRUTHS! And not some BS put out by the MSM Quackademics.

We live in an extremely violent part of the Galaxy our solar system is wildly violent and deadly it’s amazing any thing can live on this planet what you’re seeing now it’s just a warm. a calm between the huge megalithic Catastrophe;s that shaped this planet.

Published on Mar 1, 2019

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