Blitzer presses Swalwell on past comments about collusion

My opinion – both Rosenstein and Mueller we’re told how to submit this report and I can’t believe that Mueller went along with it probably cuz he didn’t want to ruin the rest of this investigation over one single point but this whole thing is Tainted this whole thing is ugly and there’s bulshit in the mix lots of it!

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer discusses California Democrat Eric Swalwell’s comments on President Trump and Russian collusion in the last year, in response to Attorney General Bill Barr’s memo saying that the Mueller investigation “did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government.”


  1. Mueller may still be corrupt, though I hope not. On BCCI he told a US Atty in Florida to move forward, but William Barr quashed the indictment the day before it was to go to trial. Mueller was accused of letting people off, but I don’t know if it was his fault, or simply Barr.

    I still have confidence in some of the politicians, like Elijah Cummings, but I’ve been worried about some of the media. Swalwell appears ok. I keep my fingers crossed on Schiff and Nadler, who I think are good. Israel is so central that it gets really complicated. Some of the Netanyahu Likud Orthodox had literally threatened the more liberal, mostly American Jews, shortly before that attack at the Conservative synagogue. Someone from Netanyahu’s group came to the US in that period, as I recall. Schiff is a Conservative Jew, which actually means he is “liberal”, because they think that men and women can pray together. Blumenthal is a liberal Reform Jew but sold us out over Boycott Divest Sanctions, even though he’s really good on the Trump issue. But, if we lose the right to boycott, divest and sanction, we have lost democracy anyhow. Rand Paul is a total Putin operative. Len Blavatnik is very central for connecting the Republicans, Trump, Israeli settlements, and Russia. Sheldon Adelson connects the first three. Israel is so central that they may have to have Trump brought down by Jews to keep everyone from screaming anti-Semitism. I felt safer with Conyers than Nadler, but Nadler may be better for this reason. There seem to be multiple strands, which may or may not be connected. There is a strand connected to the Israeli settlements (there is a lawsuit with the names). Lev Leviev is major too (his Africa Israel co is on the settlement list). In connection to scandals related to him, there have been two balcony “falls”. Israel is after Leviev for some fraud related to diamonds. It may have to be Israel who takes Trump and all down. Another strand is BCCI, Iran-contra, Iraqgate, and the old Savings and Loan scandal – most connected. Israel was central in some of this. Khashoggi uncle is around for BCCI and Iran-contra. The missing link seems to be connecting Putin and the earlier scandals. Probably the connection is BCCI who also reportedly worked with Soviet secret services. Also, how much dirt does Trump have on everyone through friendship with Epstein? That’s another strand. Tons of Trump numbers are in Epstein’s book of names. In NYC and Florida Epstein lived a mile away. Only Clinton’s assistant name is in the Epstein book. NYT largest owner is a Maronite Lebanese Christian with Mexican citizenship and WaPo owner grandfather ran Sandia lab and worked in ARPA pre-DARPA. One hopes that the grandfather was at least on the US side, however. Trump’s uncle John worked in a pre-ARPA spin-off of the Manhattan project, and was the person responsible for studying Tesla’s papers (in 2 days), after Tesla’s 5th Ave death, and claimed he found nothing worthwhile in 15 years of research. Tesla claimed to have the deathray. Tesla had taken money from the Czech government and sometimes they were worried he was connected to Nazis or to USSR – at one point Nazi and USSR connected. Where did Trump’s kids spend summers and where was his wife from? Czechoslovakia. If Mueller covered all of these angles, he had a lot of work. I figured everyone would just run with the Stormy Daniels lies or something because reality too complex and ugly. I keep saying that I should do Op-Eds on the MA blog because it’s very hard to connect and document the dots properly. Much easier to write or talk off the top of my head. I forgot to mention the fact that Manafort brothers were the cleanup for 911 and the importance of who I call Mississippi’s Manafort – Haley Barbour and his BGR group (who appear in BCCI and/or Iran-contra. Ed Rogers was connected to Saudi intel and BGR was lobbying for Saudi until recently, among other things.). Mississippi’s connection to Russia may actually be non-breast chicken parts. Also, David Duke lives really nearby to Mississippi in Mandeville Louisiana. I believe that Russia was likely funding him already in the Soviet period as part of active measures. Russia probably funded Nazis, KKK, and we know they funded the Communist Party. Remember too that Meyer Lansky, head of Murder Inc, was a Jewish refugee from Russian pograms, and associated with a casino that bears the same name as Adelson’s and has the same location.

    Some of the above can be found in the MA blog by searching for Barr, William Barr, Len Blavatnik, Lev Leviev, Khashoggi, Czech. Some of the things like Epstein’s book I was missing a piece. I think it had to do with my suspicions that the Clintons were set-up by their assistants. Ed Rogers can be found in BCCI summary document, and maybe in the blog. Saudi connection to BGR is in FARA. Tesla was a new discovery but can be found online. Trump could theoretically have Tesla’s “death ray” – that is, of course, the wildest theory.

    • I REALLY admire you guys & dolls at miningawareness.. you are so far over my head. I just try to reach “least common denominator” about what they don’t know that they don’t know.. I will continue to Reblog as much as possible given I’m a one man operation.

      • Thanks. But, it’s all over my head, too. Any one of these things is so complex. And, that’s why we needed Mueller to do it. He had a big team and he dealt with many of these players before. I had books on Iran-Contra in the 1980s, for instance, but it’s all so complex to read, let alone master. It reminds me of Roman history. There were the major characters and the minor characters.

  2. I’m shocked at how many Trump opponents seem to be accepting that there was no conspiracy-collusion and saying move on. Or, focusing on the obstruction. I’m glad you are still working. It looks like everyone who understands needs to work harder.

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