Eugene Bagashov: Martian Geology, Past and Present | Space News

HERE is part II of Dr. Eugene’s in-depth analysis of the “red planet” and it’s Solar System history. IT JUST MAKES TOO MUCH FUCKIN’ SENSE.. LOLROTF!!

Published on Mar 26, 2019

In part one of this presentation, physicist Eugene Bagashov began his examination of some of the enduring geological mysteries on Mars. Of course, geologists examining the surface of Mars project familiar earthly processes onto the Red Planet — they imagine volcanic eruptions, flowing water and impacts from space as dominant forces shaping the Martian landscape. But countless Martian features defy these explanations. We have proposed that another process, high energy electrical discharge, may have produced some of the dramatic features on Mars — a hypothesis with a growing body of experimental support. In this conclusion, Eugene summarizes some of the most compelling evidence for electrical scarring on Mars and elsewhere in the solar system, including our own planet.

Part one:…

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